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Lacey O'Dunn: The Rookie

Lacey O’Dunn has sworn off living life in the fast lane, including a relationship with the devil himself, Vinnie Santora, a resident drug king. It’s been a long road battling an addiction Vinnie introduced her to. One that alienated Lacey from a loving family, and caused Lacey to have a brutal awakening when she awoke one day in the mental ward of a local hospital shaking and sweating from withdrawal.


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The Red Gondola and the Cova

A chilling thriller that stirs the tempest of domestic abuse, opioid abuse, and modern child slavery and sex trafficking. 


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The Red Gondola and the Cova book cover

The Dog Men

Ten year old Wyatt and eleven year old Hannah uncover the dark world of illegal dog fights when they trespass a Vermont farm and peep through a barn window. The Dog Men draws the reader into a tempest of animal abuse, lawlessness, and kidnapping within the confines of small-town happenings.

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Pat's Collectibles

In the short stories, The Crazy Jug, The Pink Victorian Lady, Frogs, Gnomes, Hikers and Bottle Miners, The Conjurer, and The Rescue, Gert Carver and Nina Westacott meet an eclectic variety of characters. Gert and Nina are likeable protagonists, and Patricia Crandall has revealed a life unknown to most city dwellers.

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A Reunion of Death

A Christmas gathering of friends at Willoughby Chase, a picturesque estate in the Grafton, New York Mountains, Mavis and Trevor Gordon, proprietors, sounds like a perfect holiday get-away. Yet, tensions prevail while faults and imperfections of guests are magnified by the feigned celebratory mood of their normally carefree hosts.


In addition, Mavis Gordon discovers thievery at her beloved Mansion. Darby

Potter, a guest and a member of a Security Task Force and Profiling service, is asked by Mavis to investigate. During this time, a series of adverse events erupt and a murder occurs.

Enter P.I. Tony Pastore, hired by Trevor Gordon, who, along with Potter,

investigates the guests and dark secrets are revealed. Anyone could be the murderer.

Welcome to Willoughby Chase, and a thriller reminiscent of Agatha Christie.


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I Passed This Way

I Passed This Way is a second printing of a book of published poetry descriptive of the four seasons. It takes you through a winter wonderland, a spring rebirth, summer fantasies, and the vivid colors of autumn.


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Living to One Hundred Plus

Life is a journey and to many, an adventure. "Advanced age is a privilege," says one 112 year old woman. Others would say to age gracefully is a challenge. This essay is a compilation of interviews, thoughts, and observations on what it is like to be one hundred plus.

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Tales of an Upstate New York Bottle Miner

Have you ever considered seeking adventure in an abandoned dump? Did you know that old bottles have a story to tell? If so, you will appreciate the eccentric charm of Tales of an Upstate New York Bottle Miner.

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